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giovedì 5 marzo 2015

Listen YouTube music on Android device with QPython and VLC - StreaMe

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Usage example

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Ethical considerations

YouTube is a fantastic service that allows everyone to see video from all over the world and listen to their favorite music, and with rare exceptions, is open to all.
Open means that everyone can access it without paying, but the music is not free.
To provide this service, Google invests in infrastructure, development, security, research, and of course reward artists for their work.
The only thing that is required is to pay attention to some advertisers.
Some do not like it, some think that there are other ways, but the truth is that the internet has grown thanks to advertising. it went well for 20 years, will be fine for another 20.

Practical considerations

Play store is full of applications that allow you to play and download music from youtube.
Why google doesn't remove these apps?
Because almost all of these applications are free but full of adverts, and Google obviously takes his percentage.

However, the purpose of this project is not to steal from the pockets of google or to compete with Spotify or Deezer.
It's only a proof of concept of what you can do with a few lines of code and a bit of DIY philosophy


If you are able to compile VLC from source with this commit
You can see video Title in VLC instead of a long ugly URL

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